The Optimization of Grass Brooms Production: A Case study of Ban Talay Bok Community, Ban Talay Subdistrict, Don Chedi District, Suphanburi Province

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chatchanan iniam
pornthip liewtrakul
surapong ramanjit


The purposes of this research were: 1) to study the working conditions and problems in the production of grass brooms in Ban Talay Bok Community, Ban Talay Bok Subdistrict, Don Chedi District, Suphanburi Province; 2) resolve the production problems; and 3) increase the productivity of the group of professionals producing grass brooms. The study started by collecting data from various fields to understand the working process and problems that occurred and then ways were found to increase the efficiency of grass broom production. The study found that an operation in each stage of production was unnecessary, and there were insufficient tools to help in the production process. This caused a lot of movement activities at distance, work fatigue, and longer production time. Industrial Engineering tools, including a task study, Flow Process Chart, Fishbone diagrams and techniques to improve ECRS work were applied to solve these problems. Results showed that after the solutions were implemented, improvements to the work process were made - 6 activities could be reduced, the production time was reduced by 10.08 minutes, and the movement distance was reduced by 6.15 meters, representing 75.25%.


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