• รุ่งอรุณ สุทธิพงษ์ Department of public Health, College of Muaythai Study and Thai Traditional Medicine, Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University


public health projects, Local Health Security Fund (LHSF), Village Health Volunteer (VHV)


The purposes of this research were 1) to study factors involving public health projects management to obtain financial support from Local Health Security Fund (LHSF) for Village Health Volunteer (VHV) of Chom Bueng district Ratchaburi province, 2) to develop public health projects managing model and 3) to verify public health projects managing model. Target groups of this research were 30 VHV of Chom Bueng  and 12, experts and practioners in public health project managing. This research composed of 3 phases as follows: 1) studying factors step by documentary analyzing and synthesizing, 2) model developing step by focus group, 3) verifying model quality step by model operating, and verifying to confirm suitability model quality by group discussion. Qualitative analysis were used document analysis and focus group interpretation. Quantitative statistical was used average, standard deviation and t test.

The study was found that 1) factors involving public health projects for VHV comprised of 5 components, for instance: citizen health status, context of local Chom Bueng district, VHV of tambon in Chom Bueng district, composition of project proposal, and criteria for financial supporting from LHSF 2) developed model comprised of (1) 5 factors, (2) 3 steps of project management process, preparing step, writing step, and evaluating step, (3) follow up of projects that received financial supported from LHSF. and 3) verifying model quality, it was found that after operating (X= 8.60, S.D.=1.22), VHV had better in knowledge of project writing aspect than before operating ( X= 4.23, S.D.=1.57), with statistically significant at the level of .05. In project writing effectiveness aspect, VHV had total project writing development in excellent level (X =80.42, S.D.=4.28). Evaluation of VHV opinion on public health projects managing was appropriate in more level (X = 4.35, S.D.= 0.50), realistic to implement project with some adjustment.


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