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Keywords: Primary substance, collagen, Triphala, Hydroxyproline assay


This study focused on primary substance examination and analysis of collagen content from triphala product in water type and powder type in 22 brands of triphala product by hydroxyproline assay. The results showed that the triphala product in water type and powder type were the primary substances in alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoid and steroids, respectively. The triphala product in water type can dissolve the primary substances better than the triphala product in powder type. The study of collagen content, the H-water type had the highest collagen content of 738.45 µg/ml and O- powder type had the highest collagen content of 117.27 µg/ml. When compared the collagen content from triphala product in water type and powder type showed significantly difference (p>0.05). Therefore, the information to make the decision to purchase the product to get the most benefit and to support the belief about the properties of the product. That contribute to the fight against free radicals, enhances collagen, balance the skin and restore the whole body system to work together.


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