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Semantic Web, Disease in Longan, Ontology, Information Retrieval


Longan is one of the important economic crops of northern Thailand. Farmers will plant Longan as a legacy from generation to generation. The knowledge of Longan production has to be based on experience, especially the management of diseases in Longan and Longan insect pests. This article presents the ontology knowledge base on Longan and Longan disease retrieval system, store knowledge and to retrieve information on disease in Longan. Support decision making in the diagnosis of farmers. The ontology knowledge base consists of the main classes: disease, insect, breed, disease name, leaf area symptoms, symptoms of bouquets and flowers, symptoms of the branches and trunk, symptoms of fruit, symptoms of root and growth. Test the accuracy of the search system by comparing the answers with the experts is 100%. It can be used as a prototype of the Longan disease expert system.


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