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Salvinia calcullata; Spirodela polyrhiza; Streptomyces; Paenibacillus


The effect of 4 species of plant growth promoting bacteria, that were Paenibacillus polymyxa BSR1-1, Streptomyces hygroscopicus SRF1, Streptomyces niveoruber St1 and Streptomyces misionesis St8 on growth of 2 water plants, Salvinia calcullata and Spirodela polyrhiza were studied. The bacterial were added to water plants that grown in water containing 0, 0.5 and 0.1 ppt Sodium chloride (NaCl) for 7 days. NaCl did not affect to weight, chlorophyll a and b of S. calcullata. Only 1.0 ppt NaCl decreased total chlorophyll in S. calcullata leaves significantly. P. polymyxa BSR1-1 inoculation increased chlorophyll content in S. calcullata leaves both in water with and without NaCl.  S. hygroscopicus SRF1 inoculation decreased chlorophyll content in S. calcullata leaves. All bacterial inoculation did not affect to weight of S. calcullata. Also, NaCl did not affect to weight and chlorophyll content of S. polyrhiza leaves. Bacterial inoculation trended to decrease S. polyrhiza weight. S. misionesis St8 could increase chlorophyll content of S. polyrhiza leaves in water without NaCl only while S. hygroscopicus SRF1 and S. niveoruber St1 decreased chlorophyll content in water containing NaCl. With these reasons, only P. polymyxa BSR1-1 could increase S. calcullata growth in NaCl-contaminated water but there were no bacterial strains could increase S. polyrhiza growth in the same condition.


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