• Adisak Jaturapiree Research Center of Agriculture Residue Products and Biomaterials, Faculty of science and technology, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat, Nakhon Pathom
  • Kanjarat Sukrat
  • Ekrachan Chaichana
  • Thanunya Saowapark


nourishing cream, organic brown rice, germinated organic brown rice


This research aims to study application of organic brown rice as ingredients in nourishing cream. The experiment began with extracting the important substances from organic brown rice and germinated organic brown rice. It was found that ethanol (70% w/w) was most suitable in the extraction. The obtained extracts were then determined the antioxidative activity with various methods such as DPPH, ABTS, FRAP method and determined the bioactive compounds such as total phenolic and flavonoid. It was found that the extracts from the germinated organic brown rice had the antioxidant activities and amount of bioactive compounds higher than those of the organic brown rice. From the result, it can be observed that germinated organic brown rice was more appropriate for use as ingredients in nourishing cream than organic brown rice. Therefore, only germinated organic brown rice was used as ingredients in 2 formulas (1 and 2) of nourishing cream. It was found that the finished creams had good physical and chemical properties, and no microbial contamination was observed. In addition, they exhibited high stability. From the satisfaction questionnaires, it was found the volunteers were more satisfied with formula 1 than formula 2. It can be concluded from the result that the germinated organic brown rice has the potential for application of nourishing cream cosmetics.


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