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white spot syndrome virus, Argonaute, Penaeus monodon


Black tiger shrimp is one of the economically important aquatic animals of Thailand. Till present, shrimp farming has encountered severe virus diseases, especially white spot syndrome disease caused by the white spot syndrome virus (WSSV)  that leads to a drastic loss in shrimp production and shrimp export of the country. This study aims to search for the Argonaute proteins that are expressed responsively to WSSV infection. The black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon. This WSSV amount was used to infect shrimp and investigate the Argonaute proteins which expression level upon WSSV infection. The expression level of Argonaute proteins of P. monodon PemAgo1 PmAgo2 and PmAgo3 were investigated after 3 days post injection (dpi) with WSSV and NaCl injection after that they obtained CpG ODNs stimulant compare to no stimulant group. The WSSV injected shrimp and stimulate immunity with CpG ODNs showed the expression level of PemAgo1 and PmAgo2 significantly decreased (p < 0.05) when compared to NaCl injected shrimp and the shrimp with no stimulant both WSSV and NaCl injection whereas the expression level of PmAgo3 was not significantly different from the other group (P > 0.05). Therefore this study the Argonaute protein of P. monodon,  PemAgo1 and PmAgo2 have an important role in the infection of white spot syndrome virus in P. monodon in immunity stimulated shrimp by CpG ODNs. The CpG ODNs might stimulate the immunity in white spot syndrome virus infected black tiger shrimp thus it helps shared the heavy task of these two Argonaute proteins.



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