• Sarinrat Khotaphan


Stress, Thai Traditional Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Energy Medicine


Stress is a mental conditional that can happen to everyone from different reasons, such as work, school, family, society, economy, nation, or even individual personality. Sometimes we can relieve stress by ourselves. But sometimes when there is repetitive stress provoke factors, it will be difficult to eliminate stress completely. Sometimes stress is hiding under the conscious mind until it causes physical disease such as Hypertension. Stress therapy can be performed in various ways such as taking anti-stress medicine, Occupational Therapy, Thai Traditional Medicine, and Alternative Medicine in Energy Medicine is one of the ways to treat stress. The purpose of this research is to study the effectiveness of Energy Therapy in 21 volunteers with higher stress level than normal people by using weak electromagnetic wave program 3 times, once a week and not more than a week each time, By assessing the assessment before and after the therapy. Which the result of research showed that using weak electromagnetic wave or wind element in Thai Traditional Medicine to rebalance body into equilibrium state by assessing the Suanprung’s stress assessment form, heart rate, breathe rate, blood pressure that is the physiological change in response to stress both before and after experiment it was found that statistically significant decrease. (p < 0.05)


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