• Sasima Fakkhong Faculty of Science and Technology, Phranakorn Rajabhat University
  • Chakrapong Chakrapong
  • Yuthapol Saeiam
  • Narasak Boonme


adaptation, yellow marian plum grower, climate change, yellow marian plum


The purpose of this research were to study adaptation and analyze factors affecting adaptation of the yellow marian plum growers in Nakhon Nayok to climate change. Questionnaires were applied with 240 growers. The descriptive statistics and binary logistic regression were used for data analysis. The results found that the adaptation of growers within 3 issues: economic, social and environment. The results of binary logistic regression analysis revealed that age, yield and training level at 0.05 of significance. Based on recommendations were provided for relevant agencies to find adaptation guideline and plan production according to changing climate change.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)