• Nattapon Worapuk มหาวิทยาลัยศรีนครินมรวิโรฒ
  • Luxsamee Chimwong
  • Anan Malarat


Combined Training, Skill-Related Physical Fitness, Female Futsal Players


The objective of this research is to study and compare the combined training effects on skill-related physical fitness of secondary school’s female futsal players. The participants of the research are 30 female futsal players divided into 3 groups with 10 people per each. The instruments applied consist of 1.) 3 training programs including PAS, ASP and SPA 2.) Agility test 3.) Muscle Power test and 4.) Speed test. The data are analyzed by mean, standard deviation, One-way ANOVA, and Two-way repeated ANOVA. By collecting the data from the 3 groups every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the total of 6 weeks, it is found that 1.) The female futsal players have the better performances in terms of agility, strength and speed after being trained in 3 training programs comparing to the pre-training performances, following the result analyzed by mean and S.D. 2.) The female futsal players being trained in different training program do not have different performances in terms of speed, strength and agility, and after the 4th and 6th week of training, the performances are significantly higher at the level of 0.5, and 3.) The correlation between the different type of training and different period of training altogether affect on the skilled-related physical fitness of female futsal players after the 4th and 6th week higher at the level of 0.5.


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