Toxicity of Nanoparticle

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Kasem Rattanapinyopituk


Nanoparticles had already been introduced into a daily life of people. Nanoparticles had been used in various purposes such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, consumer products and industrial processes. While nanotechnology has made a remarkable development, the unexpected effects of nanoparticles are also growing concerned on the environment, health and society. Although, nanoparticles produce the outstanding advantages but the lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of nanoparticle application can seriously harm to the human health. Therefore, the impacts from intentional and accidental exposure are recognized as critical issues. The purpose of this review is to summarize several information of nanoparticles such as types and applications of nanoparticles, characteristics, properties, routes of entry into the body including the possible mechanism of toxicity. The current information may be useful for assessing the risk and danger from the usages of nanoparticles that impact to public health in the near future.

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Kasem Rattanapinyopituk

Section of Animal Laboratory, Research Division, National Cancer Institute