Investigation of Electrical Properties and Crystal Structure of Y5Ba8Cu13Ox Prepared by Melt Process

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Thitipong Kruaehong*
Sujittra Sangchaisri
Noree Longhan


Samples of Y5-8-13 superconductors were synthesized by the melt process. Average critical temperature was about 91 K. The sample had two compounds: superconducting compounds and non-superconducting compounds. The percentages of superconducting compounds and non-superconducting compounds were 30% and 70%. The lattice parameter of the first compound was a=3.82912 Å, b=3.88788 Å and c=48.46370 Å. The second compound separated in two types, with percentages of 35% and 35% of Y211 (Y2BaCuO5) and BaCuO2, respectively. The Y211 had lattice parameters of a=7.21450 Å, b=12.23320 Å and c=5.62140 Å, and BaCuO2 was lattice parameter a=b=c=18.23560 Å. The melt samples reduced the non-superconducting compound, and the surface was homogenous.

Keywords: Melt process, Y-based superconductors, critical temperature

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