CPC Photocatalytic Reactor in Presence of Immobilized TiO2 and Photocatalytic Activity

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Ammar Ibrahim
Weerachon Phoohinkong
Wanichaya Mekprasart
Wisanu Pecharapa*


In this present work, compound parabolic collector (CPC) combined with tubular reactors was
designed to accept both directly incident and reflected light. The light collecting of CPC reflecter
was analysed via light reflection modeling. Titanium isopropoxide was used as a precursor to
prepare immobilized titanium dioxide on the borosilicate beads which was used as supporter. The
coated beads were prepared via dip coating technique. The photocatalytic activity of immobilized
TiO2 was performed to decolorize the Rhodamine B dye solution under solar irradiation. UV-Vis
spectrophotometer was used to characterize the degradation of rhodamine B dye solution and to
analyse the photocatalytic performance. The analysis of reflecting on CPC reflector indicates that
all incidents are reflected to reactor tube according to the defined concentration ratio as equal one.
The photodegradation of rhodamine B dye solution under solar irradiation is clearly observed by
over 90% in presence of immobilized TiO2 on glass beads.

Keywords: titanium dioxide, compound parabolic collector, dip coating, photacatalytic activity,
*Corresponding author: Tel: 083 037 7676
E-mail: kpewisan@gmail.com


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