Design of Ni-based Bulk Metallic Glasses with Improved Mechanical and Corrosion Properties

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Gayatri Tanuja Guddla
Suman Gandi
Satyadevi Ambadipudi
Balaji Rao Ravuri*


Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) are synthesized using high energy mechanical ball milling technique with the general formula, [Ni-Cr-Si]100-x:Nbx (x = 0, 3, 6 and 9 at.%, labelled as NCSNb0, NCSNb3, NCSNb6, NCSNb9). Interestingly, all the thermal, mechanical and corrosion properties are greatly enhanced with increase in Niobium (Nb) content up to 6 at.% (NCSNb6). XRD analysis shows that the phase attribution over all the BMGs is due to Nickel (Ni, 98-006-0833), Chromium (Cr, 98-002-1500), Silicon (Si, 98-001-2990) and Niobium (Nb, 98-002-3331). The values of the largest super-cooled liquid region width and plastic strain attained are 232 K and 0.94±0.1%, for the NCSNb6 BMG sample. The considerable addition of Niobium (Nb ~ 6 at.%) content in [Ni-Cr-Si] BMG network (NCSNb6) is anticipated to have the best glass-forming ability, mechanical and corrosive resistant properties and is expected to be used as potential material for lightweight vehicle applications.


Keywords: glass-forming ability; bulk metallic glass; super-cooled liquid region

*Corresponding author: Tel.: (+91) 08455221307



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