Harmonic Reduction of a Synchronous Generator in a Wind Energy System

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Ameer Aqeel Kamoona*
Ahmed Najm Alfadli
Israa Ali Alshabeeb
Ali Salah AlKhafaji


Among the various sources of renewable energy, wind power is one of the fastest growing and most promising sources of electricity in the world, and it is considered as a free energy source. In spite of that, harmonics are regarded as a problem faced by wind system due to its power electronic converters. In general, it is very impotant to provide electricity with less harmonically polluted voltage, so in this paper, the design of a tuned filter that can reduce the total harmonic distortion of a synchronous generator (SG) in wind energy system is proposed. The simulation results show that the proposed design eliminates a 7th harmonic effectively, and the waveform output of voltage and current are in low total harmonic distortion (THD). The proposed design improves the power quality, in addition to the improving of the other factors, resulting in reduced loss of power and enhanced performance under abnormal conditions.


Keywords: wind energy; harmonic reduction; synchronous generator; total harmonic distortion

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                                            E-mail: Amer@atu.edu.iq


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