22 bp INDEL Mutation Polymorphism of dopamine receptor D2 (DRD2) Gene of Thai Native Chicken in Narathiwat Province

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Hafis Datumada
Thanaset Thongsaiklaing


DRD2 is a protein receptor that play a role in physiological variety of organisms. In poultry, DRD2 transmits the signals from dopamine neurotransmitters to regulate the reproductive system and maternal behaviors such as broodiness and maternal care. The objective of this study in order to identify the polymorphism of the 22 bp INDEL mutation in 5' flanking region of the DRD2 gene of Thai native chicken female in Narathiwat province. The results show DRD2 gene consists of 3 genotypes II, ID and DD with genotype frequency 0.029, 0.40 and 0.568 respectively. The allele frequency of allele I and D were 0.23 and 0.77 respectively.


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