Factors Related to Preventive Behaviors for Hypertension among Thai Adults with Pre-hypertension


  • Anyapaksorn Jaisomkom Jaisomkom
  • Patcharawadee Tongnuang Dr
  • Nantiya Khoynueng
  • Tidarat Wangsawat
  • Nurdeenee Duerah
  • Patcharee Rattanapong


Factors related, Preventive behaviors for hypertension, Adult, Pre-hypertension


A descriptive correlational study aimed to explore factors related to preventive behaviors for hypertension in Thai adults with prehypertension. The 264 samples were recruited by multi-stage random sampling from the health promoting hospitals in Thailand. The research instruments were two sets of questionnaires consisting of the factors related to preventive behavior questionnaire and the preventive behaviors of patient questionnaire. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of the questionnaires were between .80 and .89. Pearson’s product moment correlation was used for statistical analysis. The results revealed that, the intention, desire, attitude, perceived behavioral control, positive and negative anticipated emotions, and past behaviors had positive correlation towards preventive behaviors for hypertension (r = .18, .37, .22, .17, .19, .27 and .29 respectively; P < .01). However, subjective norms were not correlated with the preventive behaviors for hypertension among Thai adults with prehypertension.


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