Improved Differential Evolution Algorithms for Solving Multi-Level Location-Allocation Problem: A Case Study of Oil Palm Logistics in Narathiwat Province


  • Phajongjit Pijitbanjong Faculty of Industrial Technology, Songkhla Rajabhat University
  • Chaiya Chomchalao
  • Paroon Mayachearw


Oil palm logistics, Differential evolution algorithm, , Improved differential evolution algorithms, Multi-level location-allocation problem


This research presented the multi-level location-allocation problem solution of oil palm logistics in Narathiwat province with lowest cost by considering the pollution release in transportation and risk from civil unrest situations. Three methods of mathematical modelling and metaheuristic solution were used to find solutions as follows: (1) Differential evolution algorithm (DE), 2) Improved differential evolution algorithm by shifting algorithm (IDE-S) and 3) Improved differential evolution algorithm by insertion move algorithm (IDE-IM). This research was conducted with small, medium, and large sampling groups and studied from a case study. It was found that the IDE-IM gave the best solution, and its finding was applied with a real case study of 77 farmers and 2 palm oil plants. The lowest cost of logistics was 24,015,294 baht.


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