The Competency of Psychiatric community Nurses in Naradhiwas Province for Relapse Prevention among Schizophrenia Patients Based on Multicultural Context: TRUCKS Model


  • Nuttika Choorat 0883882296
  • Muslin Tohpaerah
  • Nirussanee Akachi


Competency, Relapse prevention, Schizophrenia patients, Multiculture, Qualitative research


The purpose of this research was to study the competency of psychiatric community nurses in Naradhiwas province on preventing a recurrence of Schizophrenia patients based on multicultural context, the TRUCKS model. The samples consisted of 12 nurses working with Schizophrenia patients for at least two years, who neither had experience in psychiatric training nor received a master’s degree in the related fields. The qualitative data were collected through focus group discussion. The questions consisted of 18 and received Item-Objective Congruence (IOC) at 0.89.
The results of the research showed that the competency of psychiatric competency nurses to prevent a recurrence of Schizophrenia patients according to TRUCKS model was: 1) The competency of Teamwork (T) which coordinating with 1.1) family and network partners to participate in the care process, 1.2) doing case management, 1.3) referring for medicines and tracking system for follow-up and 1.4) setting up a patient support group, 2) The competency of Research & Innovation (R) which included focusing on 2.1) R2R/ research/ innovation and bringing the research results for implementation, and 2.2) creating care projects for Schizophrenia patients, 3) The competency of Understanding multiculturalism (U) included 3.1) understanding the doctrine, traditions, and customs of each religion, 3.2) exchanging ideas and opinions about the multicultural way, 3.3) using religious therapy and using local language and 3.4) greetings according to religious principles, 4) The competency of Counseling (C) included 4.1) counseling and 4.2) being counselor, 5) The competency of Knowledge (K) included 5.1) having common knowledge framework and 5.2) practice guidelines and receiving short-term training courses and 6) The competency of Specific skill (S) included 6.1) decreasing stimuli and managing mood, 6.2) encouraging patients to take medicine, 6.3) enhancing value,6.4) providing mental health education to patients, relatives, and 6.5) communities and using assessment form.


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