An Outcome of Self-care Promoting Program in Exercising with an Elastic Band on the Physical Fitness of the Homebound Older Adults


  • Srivikan Yokseng -
  • Patcharee Komjakraphan


Homebound older adults, Physical fitness, Elastic band


This experimental research aimed to determine an outcome of self-care promoting program in exercising with an elastic band on the physical fitness of the homebound older adults. There were 60 participants involved in this research using the simple random sampling method. Then they were selected by the met eligible criteria into control group with 30 participants and experimental group with another 30. Both groups received a usual nursing care; nevertheless, the experimental group received the self-care promoting program using an elastic band developed from a conceptual framework in ability development of Orem’s self-care for eight weeks. After that, their physical fitness was evaluated in terms of muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance of lungs and heart. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, percentage, and standard deviation. The hypothesis was tested using independent t-test and non-parameters.
The results showed that the mean scores of muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance of the experimental group were significantly higher than those of the control group (p < .05). These findings indicated that the self-care promoting program using an elastic band improved a physical fitness and should be implemented in homebound older adults. This research could promote health care more effectively. It will be used as a reference source for health care providers or caregivers to apply the self-care promoting program using a stretched rubber band for Thai older adults in the future. This exercise increases physical performance in the elderly.


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