Boonsurb Sosome

Health Literacy and Predicting Factors to Controlled Blood Sugar Levels among Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus


  • Boonsurb Sosome Faculty of Nursing ,Bormmarajchanok,Ministry of Public Health
  • Treechada Punsomreung
  • Kamolrat Turner
  • Chularat Howharn
  • Bumpen Kamdee
  • Porntipa Suparasri
  • Supian Pokathip


Gestational diabetes, Health literacy, Blood sugar control


This descriptive cross-sectional study was aimed to study health literacy and factors predicting blood glucose control level among Thai pregnant women with gestational diabetes. The sample was 171 Thai pregnant women with gestational diabetes, followed up at the prenatal clinic. The research instrument consisted of 2 parts. The firstly was demographic data and obstetrics questionnaires and blood sugar level record. The secondly was the Health Literacy scale, including of health literacy on numeric and Nutbeam’s health literacy concept in which CVI were .92, and .98 and reliabilities, Cronbach’s alpha were .70 and .93 respectively. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and Logistic regression. The results demonstrated the mean score of health literacy on numeric is at a high level (M = 6.80, S.D. = 2.19), health literacy on Nutbeam’s concept is at a high level (M = 3.85, S.D. = .46), the communication to potential improve patient health dimension is the highest score (M = 4.07, S.D. = .36). The access to health data and service was the predicted factors for controlled blood sugar on women with gestational diabetes mellitus (odds ratio = 2.41, p =.04). The recommendation from the results is that multidisciplinary should effectively promote access to health information and service.


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