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Development of Performance Appraisal Model Based on Indicators of Narathiwat Provincial Public Health Office


  • peerawan cheewaiya -
  • Rungtip Wongakanit
  • Thaweeporn Pengmak


Development, Performance appraisal model, Indicators


This research and development aimed to develop and evaluate performance appraisal model based on indicators of Narathiwat Provincial Public Health Office. There were three phases included predevelopment model phase, development model phase, and evaluation phase. The population of this study were 4521 officers of all levels employed by the Narathiwat Provincial Public Health Office. There were 357 samples of this study. The study's sample was selected by the accidental sampling method. Instruments utilized in this study were opinion questionnaire, and performance appraisal models with appropriateness and satisfaction levels based on indicators of Narathiwat Provincial Public Health Office, which the researchers have developed and had three experts validate for content consistency. The study's Index of Item Objective Congruence (IOC) values ranged from 0.67 to 1.00. Data were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The results showed that the two components of the indicator-based performance appraisal model were setting the score criteria level and grouping the indicators from six locations, for a total of 69 indicators, using a four-dimensional spider web diagram. This model’s appropriateness and satisfaction were at the high level (= 3.75, S.D. = 0.79) and (= 3.75, S.D. = 0.80), respectively. When comparing each item, the section with the highest appropriateness score was the template score configuration (= 3.82, S.D. = 0.79); the section with the highest satisfaction score was the section that dealt with the field visit supervision process, and the field visit summary of evaluation results (Exit) (= 3.80, S.D. = 0.82). The performance appraisal model based on indicators, which has high levels of appropriateness and relevant person satisfaction would augment efforts towards target attainment and population health care service accessibility. 


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