Kalasin University Journal of Science Technology and Innovation

Editorial office authority
1. Designing and organizing a publication process for interested people to publish their researches/studies on a digital platform

2. Managing a publication fee charging system with comprehensive information of conditions, principles, guidelines and fee rates

3. Duplication and plagiarism checking

4. Designing a valid quality control system for submitted articles without bias

5. Securing any information of authors/researchers and reviewers during the publication process

6. Publishing articles based on validity and reliability without any hidden agenda

7. Administrating fair publications based on valid investigations if there are suspicious incidents during publication process   

8. Rejecting submitted articles that are belong or related to the editors

9. Refusing any activities/performances that may grant illegal/foul benefits to the journal or stakeholders   

10. Establishing firm complaint policy with effective channels

11. Establishing transparent punishing and judging system for unethical conducts of authors/researchers

Reviewers’ authority

1. Securing articles’ information during publication process

2. Reviewing articles without bias

3. Refusing any activities/performances that may grant advantages to authors/researchers

4. Submitting review results within time limitation

5. Informing editorial office if there is any conflict of interest during the reviewing process

6. Reporting on any unethical/foul conducts of authors/researchers to the editorial office

Authors/researchers’ authority

1. Submitting articles that have never been submitted elsewhere before

2. Submitting authentic articles with sufficient and valid references without plagiarism

3. Submitting genuine articles without fault or make-up information

4. Applying practical authorship which accredits correspondence(s) (if there is) fair and equally

5.Authorizing co-author(s) (if there is) to approve the submitted articles for publication


If there is a publishing cancelation request from an author during peer reviewing process, the author agrees to pay 1,500 Thai Baht fine to the journal