Total phenolic contents and Antioxidant Activities of Local Edible Plants in Roi Et province


  • Panida Saenprakob Department of Cosmetic Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Phranakhon Rajabhat University



Roi Et province is a source of variety of local edible plants which are popularly consumed by people. This research aimed to compare the total phenolic contents and ntioxidant activity of local edible plants in Roi Et province obtained from water and ethanol solvent extraction, and to use the information as a guideline for selection and development of these local edible plants for the development of related products. Ten popular local edible plants were extracted with water and ethanol, determined total phenolic contents using Folin-Ciocaltue reagent method, and antioxidant activity by 2,2’-Azino-bis (3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) cation radical - scavenging assay or ABTS method and Free radical scavenging activity or DPPH method. The results showed that, the ethanol extracts of all local edible plants contained higher total phenolic content and antioxidant activity than those of the water extracts, except for the young shoots of Joseph’s Coat. The plant containing the highest total phenolic compounds extracted with ethanol were the young leaves of Terminalia chebula. As for antioxidant activity using ABTS method, young leaves of Kradonbog extracted with ethanol displayed the highest percentage of free radical inhibition which were higher than that extracted by water. The 10 local edible plants were extracted with ethanol and tested for antioxidant activity by DPPH. Results showed that the 5 local edible plants that could inhibit free radicals more than 80% were young leaves of Cowa, Chebulic Myrobalans, Mek, Kradonbog and Somlom. They were suitable for the development of beneficial products.


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Saenprakob พ. (2019). Total phenolic contents and Antioxidant Activities of Local Edible Plants in Roi Et province. Thai Agricultural Research Journal, 36(3), 293–301.



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