Evaluation of the Design and Construction of Compress Wrap Equipment


  • Saksirichai Srisawad Production technology, Faculty of Agriculturel and industrial technology. Phetchabun Rajabhat University


design and construction, compress, equipment helps wrap compress


This study evaluated the design and construction of a herbal wrap ball. The prototype equipment used in this study measured 245 x 245 x 273.5 mm. and 255 x 271.5 x 338.5 mm. respectively.  The process time of the equipment to wrap the herbal ball (size 100g) found that it took an average working time of 125 minutes to wrap 35 balls (3.57 min/ball). The condition of the compress ball that passed the wrapping and binding criteria was 87.43 percent, in accordance with the standard of herbal compress products (MD.176/2010). Results of the users’ evaluation found that satisfaction with the equipment to help wrap and tie the herbal ball achieved an average score of 4.50, with a standard deviation of 0.57.


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