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Basic sciences in chemistry, physics, biology lead to knowledge of food chemistry, food processing, food engineering, food microbiology and food product development. All these implements to add value to food and meet the needs of consumers. This can be seen from research articles in the Journal of Food Technology, volume 17, Issue 1, which present the results of the development of chicken dipping sauce recipe, which is a popular dipping sauce for Thai food;  Effect of replacing wheat flowers with drought-tolerant crop plants on the pasting behavior of bread and changes in the quality of bread during storage; Effect of plant protein types on quality of vegetable meat products, and the effect of extraction method on physical and chemical properties of pectin from ripe bananas.

Food Technology Journal of Siam University has published with the aim of disseminating research results and services to society. Every article has been reviewed by experts in related fields from many educational institutions. The editorial team hopes that readers will gain useful knowledge in academics and can also be used as a further reference.

Published: 2022-06-30