The study of Natural Rubber Production Competency

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Khwankamol Suksom
Saksri Rakthai


The purpose of this research was to analyze the competency of natural rubber production by an induction research process. The research was divided into two phases: 1) to study and select natural rubber production knowledge by considering only the products that farmers can produce in Chang Klang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat and 2) to analyze the competency of natural rubber production by conducting in-depth interviews. The sample group of rubber farmers were selected by purposive sampling for 5 people under the condition of being the farmers in the southern agricultural vocational education institute network. Analyzing the natural rubber production’s competency of rubber farmers by using Descriptive analysis process and considering the results of the interview were divided into 3 aspects of competency, cognitive, affactive and psychomotor by Ralph W. Tyler. The study found that tapping is an important step for farmers to improve their performance since it is the starting point of the natural rubber production process. There are 3 aspects of competency that must be developed: the cognitive aspect at the analytical level; Affactive at the value level and psychomotor at the level of practice until fluency and at the level of practice under guidance.

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