Journal of Vocational Institute of Agriculture is an academic journal of Northeastern Vocational Institute of Agriculture, set out twice a year (January-June and July-December). Objective: To publish research articles and academic articles on agriculture, agriculture education and related branches. Which every article published has been considered by at least 2 experts (double-blind reviewer) and editorial team

Vol. 5 No. 2 (2021): July-December 2021

Published: 2021-12-30

Efficiency of the Modified Media on Growth of Thalassiosira sp.

Apirak Chanthawong, Kritsanee Wongwuttiwat, พัชริดา ขำขจร, Sakda Wongwuttiwat, Maimunah Midkadee, Piman lohham, Chananlada Keawchatree


Community Participation in Raw Water Source Management for Water Supply Production of Provincial Waterworks Authority: A Case Study of the Trang River, Trang Province

ทวีศักด์ สุวรรณจันทร์, Kanokrat Rattanapan, Suwit Jitpukdee, Jantra Uieng, Khwanta Tantikamton, Sukanya Vongtanaboon


Effects of Pellet Chicken Manure on Growth, Pigment Content and Color of Kam Kung (Chara corallina C.L.Willdenow)

วรรณิณี จันทร์แก้ว, Thatsaneeya Thongliang, Amphorn Rattanmusik


Environmental Laboratory Wastewater Treatment by the Fenton Reaction

นุชนาฎ นิลออ, Kanokrat Rattanapan , Worapot Rattanapan


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