• Suchada Maisont
  • Wisutthana Samutsri -
  • Arthit Sansomboon


COVID-19, Solar dryer, Fingerroot, Turmeric, Andrographis, Curcumin


In this study, white fingerroot, turmeric, and green chiretta were dried using a solar dryer, reducing their moisture contents to 9.72, 10.14, and 9.83% on the wet basis (wb), respectively. The HPLC technique was used to examine the active components. The flavonoids, which include Pinostrobin 66.57 mg/g and Panduratin A 3.04 mg/g, are the active component of dried white fingerroot. Fresh and dried turmeric were found to have 6.78 mg/g and 48.23 mg/g of curcumin, respectively. The dried green chiretta leaf and stem powder contained 34.94 mg/g of andrographolide. In addition, the Thai Community Product Standard of 480/2547 indicated that the total microorganism was fewer than 1×103 colonies/gram. Finally, the powdered dry herb was placed into capsules for easy application.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)