The Interactions between Temperature and Relative Humidity: Results for Benin City, Nigeria using Statistical Analysis

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Israel Uzuazor Siloko*
Kingsley Eghonghon Ukhurebor
Edith Akpevwe Siloko
Esosa Enoyoze
Osayomore Ikpotokin


The interactions between temperature and relative humidity are the main focus of this article. These two meteorological observations are of great significance due to their direct effects on humans and their environment. A series of studies on meteorological variables was carried out over a decade with emphasis on their effects on humans and their environment. Similar studies are going on due to the constant changes in the globe because of climate change. Appropriate measures can be provided for weather experts to curb some of the adverse effects of these variables. This article addresses the connectivity of temperature and relative humidity as well as their joint effects in Benin City, Nigeria for the period of ten years from 2010 to 2019 using nonparametric techniques that employ the Gaussian kernel estimator as analytic tool. The statistical analysis of the relationship between temperature and relative humidity vividly revealed that human activities were more successful in 2016 and 2017 under the period been studied with the asymptotic mean integrated squared error (AMISE) used as the performance measure.

Keywords: AMISE; bandwidth; humidity; kernel; temperature

*Corresponding author: Tel.: +2348164830801



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