Published: 18-05-2021

Fast and Accurate Deep Learning Architecture on Vehicle Type Recognition

Narong Boonsirisumpun , Olarik Surinta*

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.001 (16 pages)

Influence of Gasification Operating Parameters on Performance of the Nong Bua Dual Fluidized Bed Gasification System in Thailand

Malinee Prasong, Vilailuck Siriwongrungson*, Janjira Hongrapipat, Reinhard Rauch, Shusheng Pang, Michael Messner

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.002 (14 pages)

Electrical Properties of Semiconducting Copper Zinc Sulphide Thin Films

Joseph Onyeka Emegha*, Bolutife Olofinjana, Kingsley Eghonghon Ukhurebor, Joseph Taye Adegbite, Marcus Adebola Eleruja

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.003 (9 pages)

Agronomic Performance and Genetic Fidelity of the Selected Elite Cocoa Clones Derived from Somatic Embryogenesis Culture

Gibson Entuni*, Hollena Nori, Rebicca Edward, Ahmad Kamil bin Mohammad Jaafar

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.004 (10 pages)

Energy Absorption Capacity of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Slender Columns with Different Aspect Ratios

Alireza Bahrami*, Ali Mahmoudi Kouhi

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.005 (15 pages)

Effect of Food to Microbe (F/M) Ratio on Anaerobic Digestion of Refinery Waste Sludge under Mesophilic Conditions: Biogas Potential and Phytotoxicity

Sutharat Muenmee, Suthida Theepharaksapan, Jarungwit Boonnorat

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.006 (11 pages)

Callus Formation and Regeneration Tendency of Justicia vasica Nees under Saline Conditions

Abdul Kader*, Sankar Narayan Sinha , Parthadeb Ghosh

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.007 (10 pages)

Mass Propagation System of Strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) Microshoots by Liquid Shake Culture

Prakarn Chomboon , Pana Lohasupthawee*

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.008 (12 pages)

The Interactions between Temperature and Relative Humidity: Results for Benin City, Nigeria using Statistical Analysis

Israel Uzuazor Siloko*, Kingsley Eghonghon Ukhurebor, Edith Akpevwe Siloko, Esosa Enoyoze, Osayomore Ikpotokin

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.009 (15 pages)

Acoustic Sensing for Quality Edible Evaluation of Sriracha Pineapple Using Convolutional Neural Network

Suphachai Phawiakkharakun, Pinyo Taeprasartsit, Sunee Pongpinigpinyo*

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.011 (15 pages)

Combination Effects of Calcium Carbonate and Crumb Rubber Fillers on the Properties of Natural Rubber Latex Foams

Suwat Rattanapan*, Jutatip Artchomphoo, Diew Saijun, Pasuta Sungsee

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.012 (12 pages)

Energy Optimization Algorithm for Path Selection in Wireless Body Sensor Networks

Bolaji Omodunbi*, Justice O. Emuoyibofarhe, Tayo O. Arulogun, John Oladosu, Ibrahim Adeyanju, Olatayo Olaniyan, Nnamdi Okomba, Adebimpe Esan

DOI: 10.55003/cast.2022.01.22.014 (15 pages)