The Photocolorimetric Methodology as an Alternative Tool for Chicken Meat Color Assessment -

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Manatsanun Nopparatmaitree
Sirawit Sritulanond
Salankorn Khunkhao
Napat Konchan
Aomsin Srapothong
Soranot Chotnipat
Bhutharit Vittayaphathananurak Raksasiri
Jinda Glinubon
Chanchai Arkaphati
Orawan Chaowalit


This study was to determine if a relationship exists between chicken meat color values from colorimeter and photocolorimetric values from generated by the software Adobe Photoshop. In addition, Comparisons of accuracy from the colorimeter and a technique for image analysis in evaluating the color of chicken meat were investigated in this experiment. The result showed that the lightness values of chicken meat from colorimeter was positively correlated with green values from photocolorimetric method (r = 0.576) (P < 0.01) with the form of the linear regression equation, y = 0.1033(x) + 37.389 (R² = 0.3321) (P <0.0001). Additionally, redness values of chicken meat from colorimeter were negatively correlated with green values from photocolorimetric method (r=-0.647) (P<0.01) with the form of the linear regression equation, y = -0.078x + 10.066 (R² = 0.4193) (P < 0.0001). Moreover, this experiment shows that the color assessment was similar between lightness, redness, chroma and hue angle values both generated by photocolorimetric method with equation and chicken meat color values read by the colorimeter (P > 0.05).


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