• Samur Thanoi


            The articles in this issue consist of 1 review article and 8 research articles. The review article revealed all knowledges concerning the role of Cordycepin from Cordyceps militaris on lower hyperuricemia. The article reflects an important role of Cordycepin on the efflux of uric acid by urination which will reduce renal overlead by hyperuricemia. This may be used for an alternative treatment for hyperuricemia in the future.

            In the part of research articles, the articles mostly studied in the antioxidation effects of variety of plants, seaweeds and bacteria. In addition, there is an article involving in Type 2 – diabetic patients on self-controled of their blood sugar levels. Moreover, there is an article reporting the finding of water insects in GAP farming.

            The last article of this issue is a research article focusing on device development for absorption of volatile organic matter from the process of gas chromatography. All research articles in this issue have been evaluated by our reviewers in specific fields related to each article. Therefore, all informations from these articles can be used either for academic or research expansion in the future.


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