Factors Related to Health Promoting Behaviors of the Emloyees in Phayathai, Bangkok


  • ญาณิศา พึ่งเกตุ
  • ปัญจ์ปพัชรภร บุญพร้อม
  • นาถนัดดา มรกตศรีวรรณ
  • เบญจมาศ ทองไข่มุกต์


Health promoting behaviors, Exercise, Nutrition, Stress management, Health responsibility


The purpose of this study was to 1) study the level of health promoting behaviors 2) study personal factors that related to health promoting behaviors. The targets were employees working in company in Phayathai with the total of 52 respondents. The tools used for data collection were questionnaires about health promoting behaviors (Exercise, Nutrition, Stress management, Health responsibility). The content is divided into 2 sections as follows 1) general information of respondent’s 2) health promoting behaviors. The statistics used were descriptive statistics and Chi-square test. The results showed that the health promoting behaviors were at good level (xˉ= 2.71, SD=0.85). When considering each aspect individually, the results showed that the nutrition behaviors (xˉ= 2.60, SD= 0.84) the stress management (xˉ= 2.92, SD= 0.75) and the health responsibility (xˉ= 2.92, SD= 0.75) were at good level. For exercise behaviors was at fair level (xˉ= 2.42, SD= 0.99) Sex had relationships with health promoting behaviors level of employees at statistical significance.


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