Factors Influencing Success in Implementing Field Hospitals of Registered Nurses in Songkhla Province


  • Sineenard Nawsuwan
  • Kittiporn Nawsuwan -
  • Rawiporn Rodchanaarcha
  • Navarat Waichompu


Field Hospitals, Success, Environmental Management, Patient care System Management, Motivation for Working


This descriptive research aimed to determine success in implementing filed hospitals and factors influencing success in implementing filed hospitals of registered nurses in Songkhla province. The samples were 155 registered nurses, recruited by online simple random sampling. The instrument was a set of questionnaires including patient care system management, patient management, environmental management, education and information provision, motivation for working, and success in implementation. Content validity index ranged from .67-1.00. Cronbach’s alpha reliability of all questionnaires was .870, .960, .946, .932, .850 and .961, respectively. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and stepwise multiple regression analysis.
The results revealed that success in implementing filed hospitals of registered nurses in Songkhla province was overall at a high level ( =4.05, S.D.= 0.61). Factors influencing success in implementing filed hospitals of registered nurses in Songkhla province included environmental management (Beta=.392), patient care system management (Beta=.353) and motivation for working (Beta=.183). These factors could significantly explain 67.40% of variance (adj.R2 = .674, p <.001) (p=.001).
Hence, community hospitals should improve and prepare environmental management, patient care system management in case of reopening filed hospitals to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and emerging infectious diseases as well as providing motivation in work for registered nurses working in field hospitals.


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