Suthida Sangedee

Effects of A Symptom Management Promotion Program Combined with Social Support on Knowledge, Symptom Management, Medication Adherence, and Treatment Outcomes for Newly Diagnosed Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients


  • Suthida Sangedee
  • Warakamol Wanghom
  • Anucha Taiwong วิทยาลัยพยาบาลศรีมหาสารคาม คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ สถาบันพระบรมราชชนก
  • Kamthorn Dana
  • Saiwalun Juntakam
  • Sukontip Pattitanung


A symptom management promotion program, Social support, Medication adherence, Pulmonary tuberculosis


Quasi-experimental research with pretest-posttest design aimed to study effects of a symptom management promotion program combined with social support on medication adherence, and treatment outcomes for newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis patients. Samples of this study were thirty newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis patients admitted to the cohort ward at Maha Sarakham Hospital. The sample for this study was selected using the purposive sampling technique. The instruments used in this study were a symptom management promotion program combined with social support, general information records, knowledge and symptom management measurement, symptom records, medication adherence measurement, follow up records, and sputum culture result records. Data analysis used in this study were descriptive statistics, and the t-test. The results found that knowledge and symptom management scores of participants after utilizing program were statistically higher than pretest score (t = -8.5, p < .05). Every participant experienced at least one adverse effect after taking medication; nevertheless, every side effect was completely treated and recovered (100%). All participants had regularly adhered their medications as prescribed (100%).  All participants had followed up with the doctor two weeks after hospital discharge (100%), and 80% of participants had negative sputum culture results. The findings indicate that a symptom management promotion program combined with social support can assist patients in self-managing side effects and enhance treatment outcomes.


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