A Study Vernacular Architectural at Phanut Nikhom’s Community Chonburi Province

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Pornchit Perapatanakul
Pugun Sayduang


“Architectural Formation of Phanat Nikhom Community in Chon Buri Province” is the study
of collecting local architecture information. The purpose of this study is to study form and
composition of local building and to acknowledge how relate between form of residential and
commercial building and community’s lifestyle and local traditional.
The research’s project scope is to collect history, evolution and development of Phanat
Nikhom Community, and to study form and configuration of the valuable architecture by collecting
architectural data and information of case study, explore and survey valuable buildings in building
form, material, condition of the building, number of floor and usable area. To Provide biography,
picture account and maps of valuable buildings in the Phanat Nikhom Community. To identify their
historical values and importance, then map the valuable cultural architecture heritage of the
community and create co-working network by study review the stratification and the community.
The research was conducted by the following 3 methods: field survey, observation and
interview. The information was collected by exploring the physical condition of the residential
building from picture and maps, then analyze the information in physical and identity of the local
valuable architectures. The finding indicated that “Phanat Nikhom” or “Muang Gao” (means Old-town)
that was called by the people in the community, the reason of being called like that is the area of
Phanat Nikhom used to be a town before. The town where people of many nationalities coexist, Thai,
Laos, who immigrate since King Rama III reign, there is also Chinese who move in when there were
commerce activities in that area. This diversity of races settled down and create unique traditional
and lifestyles which has been passed down continuously until it has become a tradition called “Ngan
Bun Klang Ban Traditional” or Phanat Nikhom’s “Gong Khao Traditional” that operate after Songkran
Festival in every year.
The form and composition of local building in architectural from the survey of settlement
patterns and architectural identity of the Phanat Nikhom community found that, there are 15 valuable
architectural buildings. Most of them are located at the side of Muang Gao Road, Sratarang Street
and Ko Kaeo Road. Architectural detail of the building, first, the single floor wooden row houses still
maintain their original material; folding door and galvanized iron roof. Second, the double floor
wooden row houses maintain some part and change some material; hip galvanized iron roof and
gable galvanized iron roof. Third, single row house which have tropical style with clerestory, ventilate
and sticking out-eaves for protecting sunlight. That show the relationship between the architectural
form of residential-commercial buildings and the well-being of the local way of life and culture of
the community, but the architecture component including clerestory and ventilate are tropical The result of this study can be the information to prevent and maintain the cultural heritage.
To be a place where the younger generation can learn and understand the past living life. To be an
information which is a basic information in further studies about history, architecture and archeology.
This will be useful for any organization which related to the conservation plan appropriately in Phant
Nikhom Community.

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Pornchit Perapatanakul, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok, Uthenthawai Campus

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Pugun Sayduang, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok, Uthenthawai Campus

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture,


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