Isolation and Screening of Oleaginous Yeasts Capable of Using Glycerol as a Carbon Source

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Patcharanan Amornrattanapa
Panisara Thongthep


Oleaginous yeasts are potential lipid producers that could be used for biodiesel production. In this present study, leaf and soil samples from a mangrove forest in Chonburi Province were collected and used for the isolation of yeasts in YEPG broth containing 2% glycerol as a carbon source in shaking flasks. The total of 26 isolates of yeast were obtained and they were further investigated for their ability to accumulate lipid by Sudan Black B staining. The result showed that 7 out of 26 yeast isolates; 1A 2C 3E 5B 6A 8A and 9A had intracellular lipid droplets. All of these isolates were estimated for their approximate amount of lipid accumulation by Nile Red fluorescence assay and only one isolate namely 1A that was isolated from leaves of Avicennia officinalis expressed the strongest potential for high level of lipid accumulation. After kinetic studies of biomass and lipid production of isolate 1A at 240 hours of growth in GMY broth, 24.24 ± 0.06 g/L of biomass yield, 3.63 ± 0.04 g/L of lipid yield, and lipid content of 14.98% of dry biomass were significantly achieved (p < 0.05). Strategies for improvement on lipid production from this isolate is needed to be further investigated prior to its utilization in the future.


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Amornrattanapa, P., & Thongthep, P. (2019). Isolation and Screening of Oleaginous Yeasts Capable of Using Glycerol as a Carbon Source. Ramkhamhaeng Research Journal of Sciences and Technology, 22(2), 61–70. Retrieved from
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Patcharanan Amornrattanapa, Faculty of Science, Burapha University

Lecturer at Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Burapha University

Panisara Thongthep, Faculty of Science, Burapha University

Student at Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Burapha University


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