Design and development of Stingless Bee Honey Soap Packaging of Songklong Floating Wat Taling Chan Market

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Pichet Meemamae
Kridtharit Thongsin
Rachnirun Duangchai


The objectives of this research are to design and develop Stingless Bee Honey Soap Packaging of Songklong Floating Wat Taling Chan Market. The research method consists of 6 steps: A study of general information on packaging of stingless honey soap packaging, Study of packaging design and development guidelines, Study and development of honey soap packaging, Design packaging, Design Logo design concept and packaging graphics for honey stingless soap and logo design graphics and packaging of honey soap products. The results revealed that The suitable materials for the design and development of stingless honey soap packaging are kraft paper and transparencies. Packaging design must have an attractive form. The packaging is suitable for the product, useful. Logos and packaging graphics must adhere to color principles. The shape of the logo comes from the bee, the bee, the honeycomb shapes from plants that are a mixture of herbs, fruits from the leaves, flowers and stems and shapes from geometry. Use a creamy yellow background color, The black text contrasts the background, The typeface uses a font that is hexagonal, similar to a hexagonal honeycomb, The illustrations used are honeycomb photos and the bees working to emphasize the realism of the feel of nature and there is a white watermark in a hexagonal geometric pattern similar to a honeycomb.

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Meemamae, P. ., Thongsin, K. ., & Duangchai, R. (2024). Design and development of Stingless Bee Honey Soap Packaging of Songklong Floating Wat Taling Chan Market. Kalasin University Journal of Science Technology and Innovation, 3(1), 105–119.
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