Geographic Information Development of Water Resources for Agriculture Sector in Chanthaburi Province Using Satellite Imagery

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Thararat Puangsuwan
Uraiwan Buatoom
Phaitoon Srinil
Sumit Kunjet


Water resource is the most crucial factor which is affecting agricultural growth and productivity. The changes in the environment and climate are affecting the water supply in many agricultural areas of Thailand. To overcome this challenge, the geographical information of water resources in the Chanthaburi province of Thailand is proposed using a satellite imagery process. This process consists of three parts: data collection in the field, data analysis of satellite images, and GIS data layers creation. Data collection is carried out two times in the field, first at the end of the rainy season and second at the end of the dry season. Data analysis of satellite images is performed on the images taken from Sentinel-2 satellite. However, these images are taken during the days closest to the day of the field's data collection. These satellite images are then analyzed to identify the water surface area using the NDWI index and then calculate the volume of water in a water source based on the depth value obtained from the field's data collection. This data describes the water volume represented by the layer of geographic information. The proposed scheme's experimental results show that the satellite images using the NDWI technique are highly accurate and enable it to estimate the water volume effectively. Additionally, medium and large water resources differed greatly between the amount of water stored at the end of the rainy season and the amount of water remaining at the end of the dry season, while small-sized water resources have almost no differences. Finally, it can be summarized that the cultivated areas surrounded by small-sized water resources are at relatively low risk of the water crisis. Therefore, it is essential for agriculturists.


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Puangsuwan, T., Buatoom, U., Srinil, P., & Kunjet, S. (2022). Geographic Information Development of Water Resources for Agriculture Sector in Chanthaburi Province Using Satellite Imagery. Journal of Science Ladkrabang, 31(1), 57–72. Retrieved from
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