Clustering Customers Using Their In-Depth Buying Behavior: A Pet Food Manufacturing Company Case Study

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Nathakhun Wiroonsri
Latthapol Chokratprapa
Natnicha Srisamarn
Porntip Dechpichai


Nowadays pet ownership in Thailand is on the rise. Pet related industries have been boosted and expanded significantly. The pet food industry competition, as a result, has been higher and tougher. The aim of this research is to apply K-means clustering method to segment customers of a manufacturing pet food company using the data from January 2018 to September 2020 including the total of 588 business customers. This research employs 15 variables: purchasing amount in 2020, growth rate from 2018-2019, growth rate from 2019-2020, distance from distribution center to store districts, number of transactions in 2018-2020, number of returns in 2018-2020, consistency of monthly purchasing amount from 2018-2020, the percentage of return frequency and the percentage of the return value.

The customers have been clustered into 8 groups which can be characterized as follow: “Rarely return customers” (56.4%), “Regular customers with high swing” (15.7%), “Suburban and rural customers” (13.2%), "Frequently return customers" (6.0%), "Frequently purchase customers" (5.9%), "High volume customers" (1.3%), "Prospective customers" (0.8%) and "Irregular customers" (0.79%). By understanding the customer behavior in each group, the results benefit the manufacturing company in optimal sale strategy planning.


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Wiroonsri, N., Chokratprapa, L., Srisamarn, N., & Dechpichai, P. (2022). Clustering Customers Using Their In-Depth Buying Behavior: A Pet Food Manufacturing Company Case Study. Journal of Science Ladkrabang, 31(1), 103–119. Retrieved from
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