Tourist Movement Analysis Based on Social Network Information Using Association Rules

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Sirichanya Janmee
Kraisak Kesorn,


This research aims to develop a model capable of illustrating the movement pattern of tourists in the lower part of northern Thailand. The main novelty of this framework is the usage of check-in information available in a social network system, e.g., Foursquare. However, to be able to analyze the movement pattern of the tourists in the lower part of northern Thailand 1, the linearity model is deployed to represent the movement patterns. The result found that the movement pattern of the tourists is mostly the point-to-point. Therefore, this research could be beneficial to tourism authorities of Thailand, local tour companies, hotels, or any nearby tourism business sectors, development of products and services, and promotion to attract tourists.


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Janmee, S., & Kesorn, K. (2022). Tourist Movement Analysis Based on Social Network Information Using Association Rules. Journal of Science Ladkrabang, 31(1), 120–141. Retrieved from
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