SYN Flooding Attack Detection Using EWMA on Time Sampling

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Nichagon Teabtong
Nithi Thanon
Pennee Wangmaeteekul


This article presents a detection of SYN Flooding Attack (Denial-of-Service) using the Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) method and examines three factors that affect detecting efficiency: 1) Sample packets at different time intervals 2) Attacking Rate (low attack rate and high attack rate) 3) No user and users request information to the Web Server while being attacked. The efficiency has been evaluated via Accuracy formular, False Positive Rate, and False Negative Rate through the simulated datasets. The results show that the proposed algorithm is able to detect both low and high attack rates. Moreover, the experiment results confirm that all three factors cause for the detection performance. The algorithm performs well under the circumstance which there is no user requested information to the Web Server while the attacking rates are low or high with medium or large divided packets size.

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Teabtong, N., Thanon, N., & Wangmaeteekul, P. (2023). SYN Flooding Attack Detection Using EWMA on Time Sampling. Journal of Science Ladkrabang, 32(1), 1–18. Retrieved from
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