About the Journal

Aims and scope

Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science (JFHB) was formerly named SDU Research Journal Sciences and Technology, and was first published in 2009 with ISSN 1906-3334 (Print) and ISSN 2408-1574 (Online). The editorial board modified the journal in 2018 to enhance its quality, aim, and scope. The name was also changed to Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science; it was only published online and had an ISSN of 2630-0311 (Online).

Change of submission platform
On October 1, 2023, our journal switched from using ScholarOne to using Thai ES: Thai Editorial System as the submission platform. However, until the end of December 2023, the manuscripts that our team is now reviewing will be accessible on ScholarOne. On January 1, 2024, the Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science (JFHB) will change the submission platform from ScholarOne to Thai ES: Thai Editorial System.

The following areas are covered in the Journal

  • Food science including food chemistry, food biotechnology, food processing, food technology, food microbiology, food safety, food nutrition, product development, sensory analysis and related fields               
  • Health sciences including epidemiology, nursing, pharmaceutical science, cosmetic, public health and related fields               
  • Biological science including microbiology, molecular biology & genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, biodiversity, biomonitoring & biomarkers, ecology, plant & animal biology, toxicology, applied biology, agricultural science and related fields               
  • Environmental science including aquatic environment, atmospheric environment, environmental pollution, environmental chemistry, alternatively fuels, green technology and related fields

Types of articles

Research articles; 

The results of research must be presented in articles published in journals. The content published must be original and should not have been published previously.

The manuscript’s content should be well composed, organized, and sequenced following the journal’s requirements which comprise:

Title page (Author names, affiliations and addresses, email addresses of Corresponding)



Conceptual Framework

Research Methodology




Acknowledgments (If any)


Review articles;

Review articles provide critical reviews of academic topics or issues. The review articles should have comprehensive well organized, which is understandable content.

Review process

The manuscript submitted to JFHB will undergo a peer review process, in which at least three peer reviewers will review the manuscript through a double-blind review system. Further details of the reviewing process are shown on the journal’s website.

Publication Frequency 

The journal is published 3 issues per year.

  • No. 1: January to April 
  • No. 2: May to August 
  • No. 3: September to December


JFHB has been publishing articles in English only since 2018. The manuscript must be well written with totally correct grammar and spelling. 

Publication Fees

Publishing article in JFHB is free of charge.

Open Access Policy

JFHB offers open access to the journal's content in accordance with our mission to make research valuable and readily available to all readers.

Printing House

Graphicsite 295 Nakhon Ratchasima Road, Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand 10300 Phone: +662 244 5080-2 Fax: +662 243 9113 

Copyright and Licensing

Suan Dusit University must be given copyright assignment rights for all manuscripts submitted for publication with JFHB. Written approval is required in any case of reproduction, whether in whole or in part. The contents of the articles, except for errors incurred during the printing process, are the responsibility of the author(s).

Revenue Sources

There is no publishing fee during the entire process. Suan Dusit University is the sole source of funding for the Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science (JFHB), which encourages academics to publish quality scholarly works.


The Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science does not run supported advertisements or accept any advertising revenue. The announcement section that is posted to the website is exclusively for relevant academic topics, with the purpose of helping researchers and scholars find upcoming academic events.

Direct Marketing

JFHB employs appropriate direct marketing activities to promote the journal, such as reaching out to researchers in the relevant fields and maintaining connections with our authors. In addition, JFHB ensures that all activities are done with ethical standards. All information must be accurate and overwhelming for the recipients.

History of journal 

The Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science was first published in 2009 with ISSN 1906-3334 (Print) and ISSN 2408-1574 (Online) under the name “SDU Research Journal Sciences and Technology”.

The journal's aims and scope were changed in 2018. The journal's name was also changed to Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science, and it was only ever published online. The ISSN was 2630-0311 (Online).

Announcement of book review publication

The Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science, published from Vol. 15, No. 3, September–December 2022, does not accept book reviews for publication.