Preference Mapping of Commercial Instant Coffee Mix in Thailand


  • Dr. Varaporn Vittayaporn
  • Weerapong Wirunthanakrit


instant coffee mix, descriptive analysis, consumers’ liking, preference mapping


3 in 1 instant coffee mix is a popular beverage in Thailand. The objectives of this
study were to investigate consumer acceptance and sensory characteristics of commercial
instant coffee mix available in Thailand and relationships between consumer acceptance
and sensory attributes using preference mapping. There were ten instant coffee mix
samples used in this study which were selected from different proportions of instant
coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer. For acceptability test, coffee samples were evaluated
by 110 target consumers which 50.00% male, 50.00% female consumers, and 47.70% of
consumers’ age were 35 – 50 years old, found B3 had the highest acceptance scores in
appearance, color, aroma, bitterness, sweetness, oiliness and overall liking. The sensory
descriptive analysis was conducted by ten trained panelists. The panel identified 23
sensory attributes. The results from principal component analysis (PCA) of descriptive data
demonstrated that two principal components (PCs) could describe 72.44% of the variation.
PC1 was sweet and milk characteristics and PC2 was bitter and astringent characteristics.
The results of preference mapping indicated attributes into 2 PCs that could explain
87.20% of the variation. Caramel aroma and sweetness were drivers of liking whereas
bitter on tongue and bitter aftertaste were drivers of disliking.


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