Screening of Some Species of Thai Microsoroid Ferns for Phytoecdysteroids


  • ดร.วรางคณา จิตตชุ่ม
  • สมนึก พรหมแดง
  • ดร.น้ำฝน ทองทวี
  • ดร.สหณัฐ เพชรศรี


Screening, Phytoecdysteroids, Microsoroid, Fern


Phytochemical screening investigation in the fronds of the seven species of Thai
microsoroid ferns (Polypodiaceae) resulted in the isolation of 10 significant
phytoecdysteroids (PEs). These fern in the conservation area of northern Thailand were
collected and compared with previously recognized taxa. In addition, M. insigne,
M. punctatum, and P. scolopendria represent an excellent source of PEs. This is the
pioneer work that reports the study on the screening of the PEs from the dried aerial parts
of M. insigne. Unfortunately, the ecdysteroids in M. membranaceum could not be found
by using HPLC because of its insolubility in this solvent system. Moreover, the variety of
PEs found in Thai microsoroid ferns could not potentially be distinguished from their ferns
at the genus level. The voucher specimens of the study species were deposited at the
Botanical Laboratory, Science Department, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Kasetsart
University, Kamphang Saen Campus.


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