Overview of a Lesson on Participation in the Happy Public-Organization Index Development Program by Holding Learning Exchange Workshops


  • ดร.ดวงเนตร ธรรมกุล
  • ดร.อัจศรา ประเสริฐสิน
  • ดร.จริยา ชื่นศิริมงคล
  • ดร.ศิริพร ครุฑกาศ


Happy Public Organization Index, Holding Learning Exchange Workshops


The creation of happy public organizations is one of the key tasks of organizations’
executives. These follow-up lessons used mixed methodology. The instrumentation
employed was composed of a questionnaire on opinions about participation in a Happy
Public-Organization Index (HPI) development program. The questionnaire was examined for
structural validity by three qualified experts with a value of IOC= 0.88. The accuracy of
the questionnaire was examined by Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient; a value of r = 0.75 was
obtained. The guidelines for the group discussions were semi-structured interviews,
recording field notes and After Action Review (AAR). Data was collected by employing
in-depth interviews and group discussions with a sample group composed of 32 people
from 19 hospitals under the Ministry of Public Health who were willing to attend the
learning exchange workshop on 30 April-1 May 2015. The quantitative data was analyzed
with basic statistics and the qualitative data was analyzed with content analysis. According
to the findings, the overall opinion about participation in the activities in the Happy Public-
Organization Index (HPI) development program was the highest (χ
= 4.29, SD=.95).
The individual opinions revealed every item to also be the highest. In other words, people
remained interested in using the Happy Public-Organization Index (HPI) in the future. In
addition, benefits were yielded by using the Happy Public-Organization Index (HPI) in that
lessons learned were exchanged. Thus, the course developed happiness creators for
hospitals was beneficial in designing the creation of hospital happiness, including a view of
applicable examples of other hospitals in creating happiness and satisfaction in having
participated in the activities, which was the highest (χ= 4.19, 4.00, 4.47, 4.23, 4.46, 4.22, SD=.93, .99, .95, .92, .91, .94, respectively).


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