SMS/MMS Smartphone Malware Propagation Models


  • ชูติวรรณ บุญอาชาทอง
  • คงศักดิ์ บุญอาชาทอง


SMS, Malware, Propagation model, Smartphone


The usage of smartphones has increased dramatically and the threats of malware
attacks have risen in the same direction. SMS/MMS is widely used as a means to propagate
malware to smartphones, leading to money lost in financial transactions. This study
focused on the analysis of malware attacks models. The four models were: 1) SEIR Model,
2) Smartphone Social Network Model, 3) Semi-Markov Process, and 4) The Social
Relationship Graph. They were organised in a different coherent network. The comparison
of various smartphones in the three groups were as follows: 1) smartphone had no
installed antivirus software, 2) smartphone had installed antivirus software, and
3) smartphone had malware inflection. The results show the understanding of propagation
behavior and the prevention from malware attack. The main prevention methods were:
1) the installation of antivirus software, 2) not opening of forwarding SMS/MMS from
unknown users or strange messages.


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