Utilization of Broken Rice as a Fat Replacer in Low Calorie Tofu Salad Dressing


  • พรทวี ธนสัมบัณณ์
  • ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ ดร. สุวรรณา พิชัยยงค์วงศ์ดี


Broken Rice, Replacer, Fat, Salad Dressing, Tofu


This research aims to produce a low calorie salad dressing from tofu and rice flour
gel to replace yolks and vegetable oil. The most accepted basic recipe of salad dressing
consisted of soft soy tofu 200 g, salad oil 235 g, rice vinegar 120 g, salt 7 g, sugar 114 g and
black pepper powder 1.60 g. Then, 2 of types broken rice (Leuang pratew 123 and Thai
jasmine 105) and wet or semi-milling processes were studied. The result showed that
semi -milled Thai jasmine 105 gel was a suitable replacement for vegetable oil. This rice
gel had a peak viscosity and water solubility index lower than that of wet milled flour.
However, no difference of swelling power between both types of flour were found. It was
found that the peak viscosity, final viscosity, setback and pasting temperature were 3255±
18.03, 3346±30.92, 1100±5.59 RUV and 82.83±0.19 ºC, respectively. Semi-milled flour was
chosen because it had a lower production cost. In addition, reduced environmental
problems, due to lower water usage in the production process, were found in semi-milled
flour production. Replacing vegetable oil with 40% gel starch was optimal in the tofu salad
dressing. The color of the product showed L*a*b* values of 51.87±0.28, 0.35±0.07 and 7.56
±0.15, respectively. Viscosity of the product was 2,435±86.53 cPs. Chemical composition of
the product showed moisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash and carbohydrate were 55.56±0.34,
6.28±0.03, 9.16±0.05, 1.41±0.10, 1.47±0.03 and 26.12±0.50 percent, respectively. Moreover,
it complied to the standard of Thai community product for salad dressing. Substitution
also decreased the level of total energy from 391.40 to 297.40 kcal and fat from 35.70 to
21.90 g. The experimental recipe had more protein, carbohydrate, fiber and mineral
(sodium, calcium, phosphorus and iron) than the original tofu salad dressing. Consumers
showed no significantly different preference between low calorie tofu salad dressing and
the conventional full-fat dressing.


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