Development of Thai Pandan Coconut Pudding Recipe by Adding Bamboo Leaf Juice


  • ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์เอกพล อ่อนน้อมพันธุ์
  • ปวิตรา ภาสุรกุล
  • นิลุบล ประเคนแสง
  • จารุณี วิเทศ
  • จารุณี วิเทศ
  • ไพรินทร์ บุญญสิริสกุล


Thai Pandan Coconut Pudding, Bamboo Leaf Juice


The objective of this research were: to develop the Thai pandan coconut pudding
recipe and examine the chemical, sensory, and nutritional qualities of the pudding. The
three original recipes of Thai pandan coconut pudding were tested to select the best
recipe that was accepted by the testers, and the accepted recipe was tested to find the
appropriate amount of bamboo juice to add to the Thai pandan coconut pudding. The
proportion between pandan juice and bamboo juice were 50:50, 25:75 and 0:100,
respectively, and were evaluated for the following criteria: appearance, color, odor, flavor,
texture, and overall preference. The data was collected from a group of 100 testers who
were lecturers and students from the Home Economics Program at Suan Dusit School of
Culinary Arts. The results of evaluation were measured using a 9-point hedonic scale.
The research has shown that the proportion of 25:75 was the most accepted
proportion with the overall satisfaction at 7.29a ± 0.828. The nutritional value of 100
grams of Thai pandan coconut pudding with bamboo juice added at the proportion of
25:75 contains 142 Calories, protein 1.32 grams, carbohydrate 34.12 grams, fat 0.08 grams,
dietary fiber 0.25 grams, beta carotene 22 µ g, moisture 64.33 grams and ash 0.15 grams.
The cost of manufacturing is 0.72 Baht cheaper per serving compared to the original
The results have shown that local vegetables such as bamboo leaf can be
appropriate for Thai dessert. Bamboo juice has high nutritional value, low cost and
acceptable flavour. The result from this research should be developed and applied for
cooking Thai dessert in the schools, served at government offices, be use as alternative
healthy Thai appetizer for every people.


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